Smash Cakes

smash cake £70
mini smash cake £50

Have you ever heard of such a thing – a cake that you have to smash with a hammer to be able to eat it! Our smash cakes are hollow coloured chocolate creations that contain a hidden secret… cupcakes, sweets or goody bag toys and the only way to get them out – SMASH THE CAKE!

Large smash cakes can accommodate approximately 10 mini cupcakes, a selection of goody bag toys, or a big pile of sweets and lollies. We also offer mini smash cakes, big enough for a pile of sweets!
Smash Cakes are perfect for the young and the young at heart, do you need a novel way of presenting a special gift, why not let us put it inside a smash cake, what a surprise!

so go on, play with your food, you have our permission!

(Smash Cakes are supplied with a wooden hammer and are available for collection from hello babycakes in Banbury, local delivery is available, please enquire)

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